NPO Registration Number: 000694

The Catholic Women's League Adoption Society is a non-profit organisation that was registered 1952 and has been offering a service to those involved in adoption for over 68 years. We are a non-denominational organisation and our range of specialised services are available to all racial, cultural and religious groups in the greater Johannesburg area. Professional social workers are employed who are skilled in offering counselling in all aspects of adoption.

Prospective parents are screened by the agency social workers and educated in all aspects of adoption. Support, counselling and information are given to couples both before and after the adoption.

Our social workers offer professional counselling during pregnancy to a prospective birth mother and after the baby's birth. We will help the mother to look at all options and to make the best decision for her and her baby's future. Practical help is offered where appropriate. Our help is confidential, and we will support the mother in whatever decision she may make.

Adopted persons can talk to their social worker about any aspect of their adoption that is of concern to them. Information about birthparents or even help in tracing them is available. In order to trace birthparents, the law requires that the adoptee be over 18 years of age if tracing with the adoptive parents' consent, or over 21 without their consent. All enquiries are kept strictly confidential.

Our social workers work tirelessly searching for birthparents, obtaining birth certificates, ID documents and opening children's court enquiries. Every effort is made to re-unite the children with their families. However, if this is not successful our agency will organise the placing of children in adoptive homes both locally and overseas.